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About us

We at City Nail Salon have been artfully painting nails in the Seattle area since 2002 with the goal in mind to make each client feel beautiful. For over ten years we have been awing customers with, a clean and friendly enviroment, and detailed work with acrylics, manicures, pedicures, facials, and waxings. 

We, and our customers, are very proud and euthusiastic about our nail technicians. Each technician is state liscensed, meaning they understand, and are committed, to making City Nail Salon's environment as clean and beautiful as the customers we help. To ensure the best quality, all of our technicians are well trained, and many of them take professional courses. So, you as a customer can have full confidence that talented hands are working on your beauty.

We strongly encourage you to let us help you feel beautiful. We can have you relax in our latest spa chair, and surf the internet using ipads supplied by us, all while we accomplish our goal to make you feel beautiful. 

Come visit us, we are located on California Ave in West Seattle, or call and make an appointment at (206) 938-2622.